The mission of D.E.E.R. Space Village is to be of service to empower young people and children of color engaging with them within the framework of four core principles:

Dignity, Excellence, Equality and Respect

We provide workshops, classes and a variety of resources where the content, curricula and instruction are reflective of the identities, culture and communities of children and young people of color.

The ABCs of Supporting and Providing Educational, Leadership and Self-Confidence in children and young people of color:

Affirm Identity:  children need to see themselves – important dimensions of their identity – reflected in the environment around them, particularly in places of instruction and education, incorporated within their learning curricula, within the teachers, faculty and staff that teach them, among their classmates and peers. *Theresa Perry – Young, Gifted and Black

Build Community – creating spaces in which a child has a sense of belonging, a community in which there are shared norms and values as well as a sense of common purpose that unite its members.

Cultivate Leadership – helping to prepare children and young people of color for active participation within their families, communities, towns and cities, country and world.* Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D. Can We Talk About Race? And Other Conversations in an Era of School Resegregation

What Can We Do To Instill Self-Love In Children of Color

Recommended Resources, Books, Movies to Empower Children of Color

Early Child Development and Self-Identity and Self-Esteem